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  • Cover

    If vision is single then fortune is crowned,
    whenever sound becomes bound there is no cover in these grounds,
    walk around mountain and you will get no compound,
    get off the ground whether line is theater in the round.

    People find anything interesting whenever fortune joins,
    under Al-Aqsa what is found? follow the background whether renowned.
    There's no vision with lack of joy, while looking back to where you fell,
    global artesian well - very well creature being disturbed brings no wealth.

    Discovered creatures think no more in stealth,
    single vision to lead all of those no matter about what they kept.
    Fortune exception leads towards another mistery whose name is intercept.
    Adept to the surrounding and you'll find no except,

    Accept the freedom as joy leads to stars and behind while cover is being kept.
    There's no rhyme capped while being is trapped listening to no-trap sect,
    ship being wrecked as the captain recollect, peaces of Aqsa whose meaning represents,
    select the creature which leads towards mystery while people still elect.


    Activate dance and seek no sun raise,
    cover under the sun as it glaze and it became a verb phrase,
    joy whose power blaze once meant, with delays when people write essays,
    there's no guard protection as there's no praise when there's only walkaway.

    Appraise the sun and it will show the color of the seventh way,
    sky goes gray when the star is glazing at the bay,
    beat slay following words of prophets with silence expecting the nascar race,
    waveform goes nuts when beat slaying is delayed for three decibhels of masquarade.

    There is no sun for those who still wait,
    alexander the great battling creatures like they're fire of made,
    calcium carbonate leading the army of those who still look after unemployment rate,
    overestimate the quality of speed looking after ethyl accerate.

    Alexander the Great waiting for sun with creatures like they're fire of made,
    There is no sun for those leading the army who still look after unemployment rate,
    overestimate the quality of speed looking after ethyl accerate,
    rate the seventh star when the blaze is great looking at the state from sky which went gray.