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I'm scared run away

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  • AlexandratheLate
    I could feel the fear and anguish.

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  • DepressingPoem
    started a topic I'm scared run away

    I'm scared run away

    I awake the time is ten
    my bed grown cold i wake again

    slowly melting out of bed
    cautiously gathering my dread
    actions sluggish my brain runs fast
    racing to every detail first to last
    everything is a message that only i hear
    death is approaching and i live in fear

    ravens are flocking and they want to stay
    underlying reasons why they fly this way
    no.. no... no there't not *louder* NO I'M NOT INSAIN

    answers are scares but questions are plenty
    where's the proof,,, Where's the proof,,, *another person*
    answers are scares but questions are plenty
    your going insain your going insain