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  • From Russia With Hate

    For two decades
    You ruled with an iron fist
    But not with a sound mind
    You think you are the best

    Some of your people worship you
    But another side thinks otherwise
    Even of what you're doing now
    Killing for nothing
    Letting the innocent die

    Tensions between you and them
    There's no sign of a resolution
    When there could've been talks
    Instead you chose revolution

    Some of your people are on your side
    Despite the blood tainting your soul
    Call yourself a hero, you are not
    Slaughtering democracy
    Digging yourself a deeper hole

    Evil must not be left unpunished
    And this includes you
    To hell with you
    And if you try to get away
    With the carnage that you have created
    We will come and take you down
    The clock is ticking
    This will be the end for you

    From Russia with hate
    To the world, you are dead

    From a distance, we hear the noise
    Of missiles onto random targets
    Families torn, the children dead
    Nazi war criminal reincarnate

    When it's now been 128 days since Putin invaded Ukraine, for no good reason whatsoever, and the innocent lives taken, I felt I had to write this entry (and should've done it sooner).

    Even before this war, Putin has made Russia an undesirable place (and by a thing called "democratic backsliding").

    I just hope to god that the war ends and that pathetic excuse of a human being gets arrested or whatever.
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