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  • Corridor

    Walk down the long dark corridor
    Don't want to know what's ahead
    Don't want to know what's round that corner
    Of the corridor
    The anxiety in my head

    It doesn't feel safe to walk alone
    Sometimes I want someone beside me
    The frantic journey to get to that door
    Of this corridor
    Paranoia starts to bleed

    There are faces indifferent to you
    And some jump up when you least expect
    I dealt with this many times before
    When through the corridor
    Now I want to see them dead

    Brave though this tension every day
    No matter the distance and direction
    If trauma gets to me with its digging claws
    From life of these corridors
    It'll be so far to get consolation

    When I wrote stuff to do with my memories of school, I completely forgot to write this up.

    I think some can relate, not just me...