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  • Relive

    Empty battered soul
    Grew up with nothing
    But hatred and spite
    Find a way to cope and forget

    Concoct a fantasy
    Where you can be someone
    That you never were
    Feed your guests and love them
    Take them to your bed

    A boy of no dreams
    A man with nothing
    To reflect on
    Life in black and white

    Until there's a light
    Where you can have anything
    That you never had
    Be a kind spirit, read them stories
    Kiss them all good night

    Relive a lost memory
    Relive yourself
    In a new world
    Of your own

    Relive a missing time
    Relive yourself
    In a new world
    With a stranger
    Submit to depravity
    Just to heal your soul


    In relation to what went on in Michael Jackson's life in Neverland, more so when I watched a "Faking It" documentary about him.

    Also, as controversial as it was for him to have young boys sleep with him and feed them "hot milk and cookies" and all that, this was all from him being robbed of his childhood and therefore was trying to "relive" it the way it should've been (and blame his asshole father for it).