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  • Ancient

    I lived
    For as long as I could
    I had all my memories
    Even with you

    Now I've grown old
    After these fights and hard endeavours
    I'd stay for the sake of longing
    But things can't last forever

    I had prayed
    For a wish of eternity
    For a wish to keep on going
    To avert calamity

    Now it's the end
    I'm slowly breaking apart
    Even I perish right now
    I'll still exist deep in your heart

    All the years
    I stood on solid firm ground
    I thought I was someone special
    I thought nothing can bring me down

    Now it's over
    Say farewell to my body and soul
    Despite the pleas and the uncertainty
    You have to learn to let go

    I'm now broken, I've come down
    Forced to consign myself to history
    I am broken, I am ancient
    Try to live the rest of your journey without me

    Nothing lasts forever
    Nothing lasts forever
    Whether machine
    Or human

    Me trying to hold on to certain things in my life for many years, despite ways to "fix" them (such as for a compact camera that meant a lot to me), was the inspiration of this.

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    Wow...almost a mirror opposite of the other entails a roller coater of feelings, doesn't it? Great to read the way you capture it in words!


    • Bry89
      Bry89 commented
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      Are you referring to BobGrantKC's piece? I actually noticed that before I submitted mine, haha :P

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    No...I was referring to the type of emotion captured in your piece "Nearby". I read this one and that one back to back and noticed such contrast.

    But you're correct about Bob's post too!


    • Bry89
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      Oh, I see.

      But I wrote this before "Nearby", and although you think that there is some contrast between them, both are of completely different subjects.

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    Yes...I understand. I think it had more to do with when I read them than anything. I think I commented poorly when I used the terms "mirror opposite".

    I still enjoyed both posts very much! Thanks for always sharing your talents here.