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  • Tea


    The cat on the upper back wall
    With no none else to call
    Obviously plain to see
    Wanting to talk exclusively with me
    It seemed she had lost her voice
    I was hostage to listen
    There was no other choice
    Watching without any tear
    Stalking our prey through the herbs
    Delicate here this time of year
    Stealth and cunning, deliberate the verbs
    Rosemary, Tarragon and Thyme doing just fine
    Basil and Sage, Chervil and Dill
    Oregano, Chive, Parsley, Coriander sublime
    Growing in a box on the side of a hill
    Screen door terrarium, inside delirium
    Trying to feed birds
    I hope I’m not scaring them
    Set aside a city laid road
    I feel sort of crushed, like a monster played toad
    Facing east and west this humble abode
    Chirping and singing from the wire
    I slip, completely insane and fall even higher
    Electrical shock, wakes me the fuck up
    My body is water and current
    Magnetic temple, soup in a supper cup
    Resting after the sun goes down
    Beneath a watching moon I sup
    Pulling and turning my brain
    Morning and hard, hard night
    Listening to every freight train I drain
    Third degree road, primary flight
    Enticing my soul to sin
    Bathing in pools of blue luxury
    Finding my nourishment in fat cans of tin
    Rolling on beds of hot mercury
    Never received what I hadn’t earned
    Schools all my life
    You think I’d have learned
    Now closer and close to the end
    I ask this of you my beloved friend
    My body be burned
    The ashes of a tormented man
    No soil over me needed be turned
    God I hope I’m finally free there
    Scattered upon some shining sea
    The wash of the waves dear
    Calm of the sand, no longer fear
    Time a word not found here
    Nor again shall it ever be
    Stirring the cream of dreams and history
    In this brief life before I go away
    Closing tired eyes
    I raise my last, give sip to my tea