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    Half a head higher, seeing the future,
    A marriage of faith in his control
    While below the road uncurls
    At Lenaderg a Kawasaki
    Erupts into the stream.
    Leans steep, turns for
    The climb. Two up,
    Black leathered.
    She the pillion,
    Flying a wing
    Of foxtail hair,
    Straight arms,
    Muscles taut,
    Hands a grip,
    A triangle set
    To the machine
    That, panniered, lays
    Once more for the tightening
    Bend. Unbidden Slán Abhaile crowds her mind.
    Last edited by Johntee; 06-23-2022, 02:53 AM.

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    Hello Johntee,

    Leaning out of a 'Slán Abhaile' to the madding crowd, she, 'flying a wing of foxtail hair in this tour de force of speed and poetry at a bend in the road near Lenaderg. Great stuff. You are in fine health and happy, I trust. Fond regards, Tony.


    • Johntee
      Johntee commented
      Editing a comment
      Yes, thank you Tony. On Saturday, driving on my way home in the middle of a series of bends a motorcycle pulled out in front of me. I hadn't realise until reconstructing the mental image to write this piece, that modern motor cycle design flies the pillion seat and has hand grips just abaft so the passenger can sit bolt upright, look over the rider's head and see what fate is coming up. No more hugging the rider's midriff.