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  • Restitution

    Over the years I have been used
    Talked down, consistently abused
    Made that I am nothing but a speck
    Sometimes I wish I was fucking dead

    And I had endured against my will
    Life with you, time remains still
    We stand in the midst of black decay
    Around the walls, and in our minds
    Then you leave, that is fine by me
    But for the damage done, you will pay

    Over the moment where there was nothing
    I stood by you, expecting something
    How many times do I have to pray to God
    Before I collapse, fester and rot

    Somehow I survived this bloody fight
    Life in this so-called home, it's a fucking lie
    The first time we met I saw a vision
    Eye to eye, your hands inside of mine
    But all I've received are the bruises and hate
    For all the damage done, this calls for restitution

    All that you took from me
    Return it to me
    All that you broke and left to die
    Resuscitate, repair
    And return it to me

    It isn't that hard to see
    The anguish and the grief
    All the damage done to each of our hearts
    Resuscitate, repair, or leave it as it is
    But please return everything to me
    It means a lot to me

    Ignorance has created a lonely desert
    In our once flourishing minds
    Taking back what was lost may not be easy
    But rebuilding myself up again is a must
    And I hope you realise