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  • My Proposed Solution

    US Congress takes the Hits,
    Well Deserved – Perhaps in Bits.
    But the Question – Number One,
    Why don’t Seem to Get much Done?

    Do they All deserve our Scorn,
    To the Oath that They have Sworn?
    Glaring Problem that is Clear,
    Only Meet ‘bout Half a Year.

    Then there Is the Constant Grid,
    Pat their Backs - How well They Did.
    Criticize not Compromise,
    Is this Strategy that Wise?

    Each Day they sing Same Old Tunes,
    They must "Eat" a Bunch of "Prunes."
    Nothing Skimpy for Each Soul,
    Must "Consume" a "Super Bowl."

    Greed would Have its own Revenge,
    Those Without - It would Avenge.
    Gas abounds But Not for Cars,
    B.S. Compliments these Stars.

    More they Fail the More they Run,
    Evening Moon to Setting Sun.
    Common Man could Just sit Back,
    No Complaints for What they Lack.

    Prunes might Lead to Shorter Terms,
    Will to Stay no Longer Burns.
    Might lead Us to Jump and Shout,
    Hemorrhoids might Drive Some Out!

  • #2
    At least you're suggesting a solution! Very witty rhyming, Bob!


    • #3
      Wish it were that easy - thank you!


      • #4
        It's dispiriting to find democracy failing so obviously, until one looks at the Totalitarian alternatives. Maybe only laughter is left.


        • #5
          We could sure use more of that!!!! Thank you!