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  • Corroding

    Waiting for something
    That can never come
    I'm growing numb

    Time is like a mistress
    It can treat you well
    Or be a living hell

    The days of solitude
    Has become a part of me
    No one to rescue me

    The mind rots and festers
    With nothing to look forward to
    Friendship and trust, to hell with you

    All I want for the future gradually fades to nothing
    Life corroding right in front of these graying eyes

    Life corroding...
    Until there's nothing

    A soul of metal
    Now reduced to ash
    I drown deep into the past

    Damaged and ruined
    Nothing to see through shattered eyes
    This is now my life

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    "Waiting for something
    That can never come"

    Epiphany, Kensho, Satori.... all synonyms for "sudden insight"

    If you're "waiting for something that can never come," the thing you're waiting for is often yourself; and you can never "find" yourself by waiting.

    You're dancing with solipsism - the "Nothing matters and what if it did" song with a slightly different tune.

    If that is truly the situation, then you have no reason for not going fishing tomorrow or mowing some really old person's lawn or making anonymous donations to Childrens' funds... It's "Groundhog's Day" for you You. Are. Free.


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      The sense of descent is striking as I read this...not so much from inside out, as I'd expect corrosion to travel, but top to bottom. It's sad, and heavy, and weighty.

      Well done Bry89 .