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  • Anomaly

    Loss of confidence and character
    Dreaming of someone I can never be
    Imprisoned in this world built of my own shame
    I am a coward, a lie, a fucking freak

    I am of nothing, always a failure
    My mind and aspirations have drifted away
    I only hear the noise of the darkness I see
    I had never asked to become this way

    Bereft of love and human emotion
    An empty shell holding no courage or will
    Lost in neverending cycle of pain and anguish
    Drowning in my own disgust and filth

    Look at me and tell me what do you see
    Do you see the man or the anomaly?
    Four minutes will determine a future between us
    You can love me, befriend me
    Or walk away from me

    I don't care anymore
    Go your own way if you think I'm a disease
    You can love, befriend me
    Or just hate me

    A little similar to this, actually.

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    The pair of these postings (this and the linked Asymmetry) challenge the reader not only to look, but look deeper. Both sound cries from a weary soul. Powerful stuff.