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  • Crystal Diamond Gem

    Crystal Diamond Gem ( c ) Glen Mitton 2022

    Whoopie ! , another score for our own self induced " dissect "
    Of course , I'm talking about our " intellect " !
    We know the answers , and they're not on TV
    It comes down to trust and your own " inner me "
    Not some sock puppet making us cringe
    These felonious figures are off their hinge
    The enemy has flanked our sides with fear
    And is willing to do atrocious things , when THEIR end is near
    We have to , " beat them to the punch " , Legally I might add !
    Because our leaders are , " out to lunch " , we've all been had
    Arrest these " Demonic Deliverers of Disease "
    Getting back to " Sanity " and a " benevolent " reprieve !
    Arrest these " Bubonic Billionaires "
    " We want nothing of what they have to share "
    Arrest and bring to trial " Traitors in the Media " , I insist !
    " Recorded Pathetic Paid Propagandists "
    I'm putting on the Beatles " Abbey Road "album
    Because I'm tried of all of these " bought and sold bums "
    " Come Together " is what We need right now man
    And a " Stringent " , " Polythene Pam " to lend a hand
    So in conclusion to their " Grandiloquent " illusion
    Let us dismount and be devoid of their demonic delusion
    Bring to Justice the traitors and their seditious minions
    Lets get back to the " Brotherhood " of " Loving and Living "
    Disconnect and walk away , live to see another day
    You have YOURS and I'll have MINE
    Leaving all this non-sense behind
    " They need you more than you need them "
    And that ! , is the " Crystal Diamond Gem "

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    I think I`m catching most of what your saying here, I like the way you write, makes me want to read.