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    Find myself here
    Away from home
    I feel the cold air
    I feel so alone

    Get on with this day
    But I must hurry
    Back to my comfort
    Now I worry

    Find myself inside
    My own insanity
    Trapped between these walls
    What will come of me?

    After the day is through
    I dwell into the unknown
    I fear that I will be lost forever
    I fear I'll never come back home

    I find myself here
    I want to come back home
    I feel the dark chill
    I want to come back home
    Wander around without purpose
    I want to come back home
    Find myself lost in insanity, anxiety
    I'll never come back home

    Help me, save me
    Take me, away
    From here

    No chance of getting out alive
    No sign of certainty or hope
    Tears run down the face
    The heart bears all the burden
    I'll never see the love again
    I'll never come back home

    This chilling entry is a clear reference to problems with the taxi trade gripping Glasgow, where right now there's not many of them around and that many drivers had left the job, especially when they were betrayed by the government for not helping them out when they should. This is much worse for my mother who now fears that whenever she's out even to the supermarket, will never come back home (as she had grown more dependent on taxis since the pandemic).

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    Wow...I had no idea. You've illustrated something about the ripple effects of misguided, intrusive governmental policies.

    I find it exceedingly disappointing how supposedly intelligent people (in many arenas) continue to promote short-sighted rhetoric.

    Thank you. Eye-opening.