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  • Open Wound

    It threatens me
    Makes it first incision
    Taking me down like a bad disease
    You're making me suffer

    Anything that happens to me
    After your moment of cruelty
    You'll be next to suffer

    It gets a hold of me
    The insects of my nightmares
    Eating me alive as if were a bad dream
    You're desperate for me to die

    Anything that happens to me
    But after this moment of atrocity
    I await your demise sooner or later

    Confront me
    And hurt me
    Tear me apart
    Impale me
    With your hate and poison
    An open wound

    Destroy me
    Violate me
    Tear me apart
    Impale me
    Infect and kill me with what you've got
    Whatever suits you

    (But I will live beyond the pain)