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Plea for Pain

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  • Plea for Pain

    Slowly down my arm it drips
    deeper I cut threatening a scar
    Quicker it flows and my head is light
    unsure if I’ll make it through the night

    Into the sink it now flows quickly now
    I pass out and wake the sky dark
    Silently reach to clean the wound out
    suffering in silence refusing to shout

    Stumble to get the medical tape
    Gauze rapped with gentle care
    then calmer now a baggie then Ice
    the numb is okay now the numb is nice

    what I cut to escape welcomes me back
    the pain fades and I’m left empty again
    Keep my hoodie on for a while
    greet family and friends with the same fake smile

    it goes on but it gets graphic

    to be clear this is a poem only a work of fiction