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  • Something whooshed…!

    Something whooshed…!

    On a planet, in a country, in a state, in a town,
    on a street where a lampost shines
    and the houses, very warm, quiet dreamers in their sleep
    like a hush after church bell chimes.

    Something whooshed on the wind in the distance.
    Something galloped in the lime moonlight
    and its wings cut the air into slices of Fear
    which it tossed in the night with delight

    and I shivered with a tremble and began to disassemble
    with the fright now fused to my bones.
    Slices landed on the rooftops, slid across the treetops
    and fell down to car top domes.

    Out my bed, ‘cross the floor, thru a window did I spy
    down the street from that lamp lurking light,
    came an eerie fog creeping, ‘cross the land was it seeping
    into beds and blankets of the sleepers in the night.

    Then the church bell rang! Clang! Clang!
    The church bell rang! Clang! Clang

    In the cloud came the hoofbeats thumping like heartbeats
    pulsing to a blood-beat time
    as the whoosh of its wing flaps turned cold my blood saps
    freezing in the vessels of my mind.

    Fog seeped at a fast creep, crossing on to my street’s
    curb over lawn more and more
    while sliding past the fireplace, creeping up the staircase,
    thumping down the hall to my door.

    Some human headed hoofed thing, half bull-half wing,
    eyes froze in fire flicking flames
    just reached out from the mist, grabbed me by my arm and wrist
    and pulled me screaming in the fog in pain.

    I jolted from this nightmare, awake and free of frightmares,
    gasping for some air, a wake-up push.
    Rushed to my window just to breathe.
    The night air filled my lungs with ease
    when eyes and head turned left……and Something whooshed!!

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    Well done! You are quite talented with your words


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      FixXxer - Mighty glad to inject a "whoosh" into your day with this poetic piece. Hope it keeps a smile on ya. Namyh
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        Hello, very good job, it's beautiful!


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          avensis - Makes this scribbler very glad to bring some beauty to your day with this work. Hello back to ya and happy you visited and enjoyed. Whoosh! Namyh


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            It would be hammer and nails for me, and "do you deliver?