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The Beast Within

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  • The Beast Within

    Something will tear from the inside out
    Something will rip from the false veneer
    Something lies deep within the face of innocence
    A horrid secret, the monster of fear

    Something will emerge from an empty shell
    Something will come at any given rate
    Something will burst and leave us all for dead
    A deranged criminal, a person insane

    Hold back to what you really are
    Just to be with society
    Let yourself go if you must
    To hell with society

    Let yourself go
    Let your soul go
    The beast within shall rage
    As it breaks out from the cage

    How do you feel now?
    Do you feel better now?
    Your anger was your form of relief
    Now a quiet town bleeds

    Something had drove you into this
    Something had triggered of this situation
    Somehow I can relate to your anguish, your pain
    If there's any consolation, real life is a frustation