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  • She's Dead

    You were once happy
    You had everything
    That no one can ever dream of
    But now it no longer exists
    You brought this all on yourself
    May the human soul fester away and rot

    You promised to love
    But instead you chose to hate
    Abuse and control is the way of life it seems
    Look innocence straight into the eyes
    You fail to see a reflection
    Of who you were meant to be

    She fell victim to your captivation
    Now a pawn of your cruel deception
    How the fuck can you live with yourself?
    Endless suffer was all that she had known
    As she succumbs to the evil
    That you let speak on your behalf
    Live life in solitude, live the rest of your days in hell

    To think you were someone
    That a girl can never deny
    Love sure is blind and at times can kill
    Things were sweet until the day
    That you've shed away all your decency
    And from this point time stands still

    Affection mutates into reckless violence
    There now comes the ringing silence
    You tried to hold yourself back but it's far too late
    One meagre word or action can change everything
    But of what you did will haunt you perpetually
    Her cold dead eyes staring up to a man
    That she thought she could trust
    There's blood in your hands, blood from what you just destroyed
    Feelings of remorse can never turn back time
    Now reap the storm and accept your new dark fate

    Innocence lays dead
    Against her wishes
    (She wanted to be loved)
    Innocence is dead
    Against her will
    (She just wanted to live a life)

    She's dead
    (Because of you)
    No time for apologies
    She's dead
    (Because of you)
    No use in crying
    No use in living anymore

    The cherry blossom withers before its time
    The young lives are taken before their time
    The woman maimed and killed before her time
    We live in an unforgiving world
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