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  • Changling

    The sun's last rays spear the prevailing night
    and a cool breeze chases the fleeting light.
    Yellow, orange and red clouds
    fluidly morph into purple and blue.
    Then, when a starry dome blankets the forest
    and deep-rooted trees are limned by the moon,
    I glide silently upwards;
    passing through leaves and branches
    which close silently behind my passing.
    From above the canopy, I can see insects
    encircling whispering streetlights,
    and the bats who eagerly purse them.
    I coast, pushed by the night breeze,
    and gaze at the cold, remote stars.
    Wanting nothing more than to meet
    another like myself.
    Last edited by D.F.Russell; 04-27-2022, 12:43 PM.

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    i felt this. nice


    • D.F.Russell
      D.F.Russell commented
      Editing a comment
      Thank you. Feedback is always appreciated.

      Painting and writing are, in many ways, similiar. Both need to evoke a feeling of some sort to be successful, and, oddly, it's sometimes the absence of a thing that makes a difference... a negative space.

      In painting, the distinction is between "art" and "illustrations."

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    Beautiful movement in this piece...meaningful motion capturing expectancy. Nice.