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  • Euchred

    callin' diamonds?
    solid. why man?
    you possess four trump?
    ah yes.. that's fair enough.

    shoot, the first trick led spades
    the one suit you didn't choose to throw away
    and I secretly own that ace

    feasibly, it felt like a waste
    watching me place my left and right bower
    you sensed strength, but I held the power

    this is no hour to be sour
    you were right to enforce your sight
    at a glance your chances soared high
    but you were sidelined, by the cards I hide
    you had to give it a try... it works most times
    but occasionally the odds lie

    curb your urge to cry
    albeit your butt's to blame
    see it as a minor just mistake
    cause I'd have ordained the same

    refrain from the pain of shame
    with demons slain, pick yourself up to try again
    it's only a game

    sure it doesn't feel super, but give your chin a lift
    you've got me convinced you're adrift in a stupor
    since you got euchred
    the past is not necessarily the future

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    So many likes FixXxer - well done poet. I can’t even pick one thing over another - I like it all. Thank you.


    • FixXxer
      FixXxer commented
      Editing a comment
      Thank you very much

      For anyone who may not understand this one...
      it is about the card game Euchre