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Bitter Sweet Sorrow

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  • Bitter Sweet Sorrow

    heaven opened with a kiss
    euphoria gave way in an instant
    love reassured and grown
    prospers through the drought

    instantly smitten by love
    musing at the thought of your smile

    told I'll have a life without you
    resting eternally with no end
    asking myself is my sorrow true
    praying I make it another hour
    pleading to be in your presence
    enduring fire and brimstone
    dashing for but your essence

    intertwined with blood and bone
    nay I through the first stone

    tattered and torn
    halved and sewn
    expensive yet warn

    born anew yet lost and alone
    acting as though I can bare
    culminating pains all but shown
    extended beyond what i ware
    my life lost just off the cobble path
    entertains the wright to be forgot
    never again to show my wrath
    taken in and fostered by thought

    Note: The acrostic is a joke. Don't take it seriously -Thanks
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