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  • Another word challenge
    • fight-
    • satire-
    • force-
    • paranoia-
    • zoo
    • tart-
    • president-
    • binge-
    The president talked with a satire tone
    With force of will he fought down the tears
    "how could Paris not get into Harvard" he would groan
    but still he continued the binge full of fears

    He figured he should get out of the house
    but shortly after he left paranoia filled his mind
    any noise would scare him even small as a mouse
    boy dear uncle joey is one of a kind

    He screamed "My fellow Americans its time to fight"
    just in that moment he saw a light
    slowly his mouth filled with a tart taste

    Just at that moment the warden rushed in
    Wondering what had happened within
    the padded cell covered with s**t
    "I really run a zoo"- he sighed

    I tried to make it everywhere but in the end get nowhere...
    How did i do