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  • Simplicity

    I had enjoyed all the things that had made me
    The person that I have become over the years
    But now it seems all too much, I can't take no more
    Let me undertake this new route for my head to clear

    There was laughter, fun times and colour
    It made me feel young and it helped pass the time
    But now I've grown tired of all the razzmatazz
    I want to move on, I want to let all of this die

    All the things I loved
    The passion, the girls and the music
    I've now grown old, worn out
    I just want simplicity

    In this new way of life, where things are different
    Taking things more slowly and that's how I want it
    The door may be left open for me to re-enter their world
    But no, I now prefer my own little world of bliss

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    "...razzmatazz..." what a great word! I get the vibe of this...not that I was ever really in the thick of things, but simple is good.