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  • Synthetic Girl

    Synthetic girl
    You please me
    You grace me

    Synthetic girl
    Your wide smile
    Your colourful eyes
    Truth born from a lie

    Synthetic girl
    You're like a dream
    You are made for me

    Synthetic girl
    Your perfect skin
    And succulent lips
    I'm burning within

    She's the one for me
    She is created for me

    She's the one for me
    She completes me

    Synthetic girl
    Saved in memory
    Remember for eternity

    Synthetic girl
    Will you see me
    Will you touch me
    Will you love me

    This is simply based on a discovery of a very interesting site, where the most attractive kind of people can be created in the hit of a button (although it has the quirk of generating monstrous apparitions, so you've been warned).

    And the "synthetic girl" I have in mind is this one, when I first used the site many months ago. It'd be awesome if she was real...

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    There are some amazing apps out brother founding one where you can take a still photo and run it through an algorithm which makes the person smile. He applied it on a family photo...even our folks who have passed away. It was nice to see them smiling, in action...but also very, very weird.