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Trees and men

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  • Trees and men

    trees and men

    simple life for them
    sun and darkness
    roots painted in oil
    prayers from the sleeping
    pigs finding no truffles
    only serpents seeking
    wine held within
    young and bold
    placed inside a new skin
    supped a cup of mud
    dipped yon brow corrupt
    carpet of millenia laid
    never labor to rest
    the swords of all creatures
    always known to rust
    we our rome again
    laughing at metaphors
    fragrence of dryer cloth
    a judas swings just and silent
    trusted in ancient word
    you young and beautiful
    reading outloud, twisted verse
    into the devils mouth
    purple, white and gold
    blue. Green,red and yellow
    the colors of risen people
    here you thrive in america
    wise resting upon a yoke
    lids of my eyes enslaved
    history can teach you
    lands taken with ink
    but only one can take you
    after crossing over
    the last side, the brink

    the second