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  • In America (WIP)

    We practice idolatry
    and religion
    we call it economy
    at least the airline seats
    way in the back
    where your legs are cramped
    and you can just tell that if the plane crashed
    you'd be gone in a flash
    perched back in economy class

    Justice is for sale
    if you've got the coin
    if you've got the right color
    im not talking about dollars
    I'm talking about melanin
    well, the lack of it
    and adjudicators,
    judges, lawyers
    and the self proclaimed sheep dogs
    who protect the monied
    and serve em too

    The dream is delusion
    it takes riches to look good in rags
    hung out by the bootstrap
    choking for breath
    dying of thirst
    lead in the water
    death in the air
    sleep talking, keep walking
    we're fooling ourselves
    but hey one day,
    we'll all be red dead millionaires
    without a care