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  • This Little Piggy

    This Little Piggy
    (vignette of sty time)

    "grunt" went the piglet
    searching for teat
    mom had gone missing
    who then, would meet
    needs of the youngest
    sty habitant?
    not little doggy
    -- not yonder cat
    out in the barnyard
    simple-spent life
    feed or be fodder
    seemingly strife
    still, in rich sunshine,
    waddled in mire
    passing of minutes
    easy expired
    rumbling of tummy
    met soon by sow
    life back, contented,
    look at him now
    dumb, fat, and happy
    stuffed as a bear
    rolling in muddiness
    nary a care

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    As happy as a pig in muck in this wonderful ditty. The word, jolly comes to mind. Delightful in all.

    Fond regards,


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      The pig, all seasons done
      Knows nothing of what's to come.
      The kindly knife, the lasting shave
      His carcasse hung while he's bled
      The tripes well stuffed with oat
      And blood that draining saved.
      Sausage and bacon and ham
      And chops, all cuts for bye,
      Thatch hung, smoked,
      For these, ancestral
      Voices vied,
      For this the boar
      in its forest bed,
      Hog-tied, was feted and fed,
      Domesticated, bedded in a sty
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