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    You think you are someone
    Lovable, relatable
    You have surpassed all the others
    World-famous, the golden icon
    But you are lost in your own madness
    Invincible, untouchable
    That's what you want us to believe
    But when the truth comes, painfully
    You won't be so big now

    You believe that you're someone
    So talented, so special
    There lies a darker side of you
    But we are brainwashed by your glory
    Just because you are celebrity
    You abuse, and you violate
    Behind closed doors without anyone knowing
    When the silence fades and the voices finally shout
    The stars will die out and so will your pride

    You were the messiah
    For all of us
    But now you're a disgrace
    Seething hate, broken trust
    Having so much power
    Lets you get away with who you hurt
    Rape the innocent, sew up their mouths
    Fill their minds with your sick fantasy
    But now, the time has come
    Your arrogance will be the last of you
    All that you had will be forgotten
    All that you are will fucking burn


    Rolf Harris, Gary Glitter and Jimmy Savile all spring to mind when writing this... and to any other person that thinks they can do whatever the hell they want to do just because they're famous.