Scripted Test ( c ) Glen Mitton 2022

How am I holding up ? , I'm glad you asked
In this " virtual " whirlwind , it's a daunting task
I'm Loving every minute of it , what else can I do ?
No sense going berzerk , inside this crazy zoo

Sure I pray for peace and a swift end to the assault
I'm just not giving in to any of this being my fault !
I'm just an innocent " on-licker " , biding my precious time
Hoping to be around next month to continue to rhyme !

I've never taken anything for granted and I never will
Life Is worth defending and in there , " lies the skill "
I'm certainly not going to submit to any diabolical pressure
It's easy to size up evil when there's nothing there to measure

Our backs are against the precipice , by a handful of rotten people
Who love and worship Satan and their " pathetic phallic needle "
Let's put the EMPHASIS on the " inception " with Legal Benevolent Scholars
On the " dissonant ranking men " , clenching fists full of ill gotten dollars

That should be OUR first stage against this evil plot
Hold those Accountable , in what " Space Time Continuum " , we've got
So I've decided to remain diligent be mello and bide my time
Watch evil destroy itself , with this " Vorboten Crime "

Evil is to blundering to adhere to the " natural order of things "
That's what I'm banking on , the interest in what Mother Nature brings !
So I'll be a good " doobie " for now , I'll prepare for the worst and hope for the best
That we and Mother Earth pass this Unscrupulous Scripted Test "