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  • The Virus

    I take away your pride
    I take away your happiness
    I take away your livelihoods
    I make you live
    In days of darkness

    I take away your freedom
    I take away your rights
    I take away everything
    Time to say goodbye
    To normal life

    I've shut down the country
    I've shut down the economy
    I've shut down your favourite places
    Enjoy your new way of life
    And reality

    I make people angry and upset
    I make all the children cry
    I break apart marriages and friendships
    Human love and emotion

    I generate the silence
    I make people sink into despair
    I play with the minds of the vulnerable
    Fill them with fear
    Deprive them of care

    I have come without reason
    I exist without intention
    For how life has become now
    Somehow I'm to blame
    For all of its destruction

    I am the sickness
    I am your pain
    I am your sorrow
    I drive you insane
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    I get all that you're saying in this...and part of me screams to resist because acquiescing makes it feel like it has all the doesn't.

    Evil does NOT win in the matter how many bloody battles it wages along the way.

    Very well captured...relatable to the world. What more could a poet ask?