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  • I'm sorry

    Cut after cut
    scar after scar
    slowly we heal
    but never get far

    __________________________________________________ _

    When you hand a drunk man a pen:

    I cry out but no one hears
    scream where did you go
    hide away from my fears
    but still smile put on a show
    I'm always in pain always broke
    always tattered torn
    never before had i dared and spoke
    its okay i'm worthy of my own scorn
    hide in your shell don't ever come out
    no matter how loud you scream or shout
    they never hear a word never hear me crack
    still i hold myself and them together on my back

    work to work to live to bleed to die
    the world is ending but still I try
    to learn how to save us as a whole
    but self assured existence is flawed
    who needs to be alive who gives a shit

    __________________________________________________ _

    Note: I was really filtering my thoughts and keeping poems on
    Topic so I just wanna say now I'm really sorry if it dose not
    make any sense
    __________________________________________________ _

    I wish i could rhyme
    wish we had more time
    wish the pain would go away
    with i could think without dismay
    Wish the dread would take a wrong turn
    wish i could do more than just learn
    We call ourselves "wise man" but we end ourselves
    We act as though we can stop the damage
    but we can only limit what it dose
    we've passed the point of no return
    so if we go out
    lets go out with a bang

    __________________________________________________ __

    {- Redacted -}

    There are 3 things I live for
    3 things that make up my core
    one a person I care about deeply
    the another a memory I cherish sweetly

    I remember I night sky with stars
    a night quiet a night that was ours
    we lied there in the powder of snow
    it was kind of cold but we didn't know
    our attention purely for the midnight moon
    I sware I heard a quiet piano's gentle tune

    We lied there until day broke through
    and stars faded and we both knew
    for a moment everything was okay
    it always will we'll find a way

    __________________________________________________ __

  • #2
    Lament or reflection, this reads with soul-searing honesty, ladled into a series of pots for setting on display. Your movement between pieces from the collective "we" to the solitary "I" lends a thread of continuity throughout, even though you address slightly different topics.

    One question on the last section...S1L4...I stumble a bit when I read "the another", wanting either "the other" or just "another". What do you think?