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  • Tired

    Tired Thoughts

    Day 0:
    The night is normal fall asleep
    no need to worry or to weep

    Day 1:
    Tired but games I'll play
    Slowly move day by day

    Day 2:
    ​​​​​So profound is the sound
    of crickets in the night

    Day 3:
    Whispers begin to drag me into the night
    caffeine the only way to fight

    Day 4:
    Demons try to take me to the dark
    blurs and whispers my villain arc

    Day 5:
    I hide away behind a screen
    Try to stay awake stay unseen

    The people aren't as bad anymore
    They scream outside my door

    Day 7:
    My eyes burn But i'm so close
    I have to work but my minds froze

    Day 8:
    Its may day off as was the first
    8-3 feels so long I'm tire I hurt

    Day 9:
    Is hell really worth the goal
    is life really worth a broken soul

    Day 10:
    Is "because I said so" I valid excuse
    Is experience worth a golden nuse

    I heard that after 10 Days you risk death by exhaustion

    Day 11:
    Today I lost 3 hours of the day
    I walked around my sources say

    Day 12:
    I'm almost there I need to push
    death moments away ready to ambush

    Day 13:
    Always thirsty always weak
    a killer headache it hurts to speak

    Day 14:
    I can't think i'm ready to sleep
    I am to finish but first to weep

  • #2
    I'm also playing with

    I have hills of pills
    to take for thrills

    I have bounds of booze
    to drink if i lose
    any ideas???


    • #3
      Not sure on the syllable count, but off the top of my head...?

      acres of takers
      who mimic foresakers

      miles of denials
      cementing fake smiles

      tons of undones
      at the setting of suns