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    why do I feel like a sea lion in captivity
    trained to move in unnatural ways
    for food that I could've found myself in the sea
    for crowds that cheer and scream and frighten me
    why do we let life tear us apart
    bind us in the shackles of the show
    always performing, never left alone
    kept in the dark
    when the lights are off
    where do the sea lions go when the crowds stop coming
    where do I go when you leave

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    Wow Bison very emotive and questions our treatment not only the animals but fellow humans. Very well done poet!!!


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      Oh my - this is wonderful! Truly captures the angst of living in relationship based on less than our true self.

      Vulnerability is a challenge, but real connection, something we all crave.

      I love your context, phrasing, everything about this. Nicely done.