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    Writing Wrongs

    As a child a woodsman wild
    As I stood a would be Robin Hood
    As hero strong I would right wrongs

    My bow in my imagination
    Fired my arrows straight and true
    Reality never matched my fantasy
    Archery target stayed as new

    The bow I made did misfire
    The stave I cut so I could bend
    Arrows fell short as I quivered
    Twine lacked the tension to send

    As a man I make a stand
    Challenge ills worldwide
    Armed with my words and logic
    Seeking injustice as it rides

    I confront tinpot dictators
    Stare male violence in the eye
    Rhyme in the face of racism
    Write a rainbow in the sky

    No Robin Hood but little Jon
    With homemade bow takes on
    The worlds ill with my pointed verse
    My words do battle evil curse

    All the human ills before me
    Gather and form a battle line
    I take aim and loose my arrows
    Stand my ground and send a sign

    As a man a poet not less than
    As an adult stood Robin Hood
    As I know shoot my homemade bow

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    ‘The pen is mightier than the sword’. Nice one Jon.


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      Certainly mightier than my home made bow and arrow Thank you AlexandratheLate


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        I L-O-V-E THIS!

        Oh, Jon, what a lovely and inspiring piece of work! From the clever pun as title to the unfolding verses weaving imagery joining boyhood to manhood, you've done top notch work on this one.

        As Grant would say - top drawer! Thank you!


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          Thank you Paula I am glad you enjoyed it