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  • War is here


    Every star is a diamond
    Every night a looking glass
    Wet roads
    Glass road
    Turn right
    Turn left
    Drive straight through
    Any good hand will take you home
    I assume most of you have never seen real war
    Except within yourselves
    Butterflies in the stomach
    It will not equal lain or the slain
    Mountains smashed like potatoes
    Humans crushed like grapes and olives
    Juices and oils just as commodity
    Canvases smeared with pigment
    O the joy of being alive
    Sniff up yar mucus of the evening
    Daily swell of covid
    Cough the rhetoric
    Love and love and love
    Your strength is required
    Maybe a light upon the yard
    A third of a century ago
    I am no longer a child
    Who are the children now?
    Swagger in the swash
    O my luscious fruit
    Washed from my hands
    Torrents of water claiming you
    Eye piecing
    Go forth and suffer the world


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    Unfortunately, I agree: war is here. At the moment, for us, it is a financial war which will surely crush at least as many as a "real" war... only more slowly in the beginning.

    This insanity is the history of humanity.

    "Go forth and suffer..." Matthew 19:14, interesting choice.


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      Another eloquent and gifted response to current events, TS.

      It strikes me, as one not intimately experienced the realities of war, my attempt to remain constant aware of those who do/are seems empty in moments and paltry, at best.

      Yet I remain, in prayer and readiness, watchful for ways to make the small difference allotted me, and courage to act when duty calls.

      Thank you for sharing your gift of versing.


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        Always a thankyou and welcome r.l.w.