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  • An Insect Reflects

    My kind were here
    Long before the talking stalks
    Walked on the African savannah

    480 million years ago
    I came into being and evolved
    With mosses and liverworts

    They gave us breath
    But now habitat destruction threatens
    Us all listen carefully

    To my song from ancient times
    I have made a plaintive
    Thrumming and rhythmic music

    My consciousness
    Knows I will inherit the earth
    This is poetic justice
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    The Dark Mirror. From the end we send James Webb to Lagrange
    Point 2. An autopsy looking back at how things began.
    Some philosophers of science
    suggest that the development
    of intelligence is inevitable
    so that the universe
    may know itself.
    It's just not us
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      at what point do we become pilgrims after leaving the womb?