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  • Demigoth

    I have my own way of life
    Not like anybody else
    I appreciate the dark
    But I don't dream of Hell

    I express myself
    In such candid detail
    Poet of all life's truths
    When all others had failed

    I may possess a sombre mind
    But all the same, I'm like you
    Just only by skin and bone
    Try at least to see through

    To dream of murder and hate
    Can change one for the worse
    I know what are the morals to life
    Unaffected by the Devil's curse

    The music that's in my head
    It's my restraint, it keeps me sane
    It also allows me to view this world
    With sincere disdain

    Despite how I feel about everything
    I don't see myself as one of them
    Clad in black, pale in the face
    The ones to be condemned

    Though I have written stuff of a dark/gloomy nature here combined with my negative outlook in life and from my own life experiences, and of my music interests usually worshipped by goths (generally EBM/Industrial), I am not a true goth and I would never dip myself into that. I just have a different mindset to most people, that is all.

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    Well expressed then, poet friend.