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  • Adultery

    The vows that were exchanged
    The rings in each other's hands
    Now they lack true meaning
    When you now go your own way
    Drifting from one place to another
    Leave behind the sordid past
    A stranger hiding in the bedsheets
    No reason to justify all this
    Maybe you're just sick of me

    All that we had now wasted
    Bonds have broken before they can form
    You have let true love bleeding
    Until it dies against its sorry will
    Drifting from one place to another
    Forget what I ever did for you
    Your little toyboy is no better than me
    But know you have stroked the demon
    Living deep inside of me

    Go your own way
    Find someone new
    Backstabbed, and betrayed
    I'm through with you

    Go your own way
    And forget me
    I shall go my own way now
    See the last of me

  • #2
    Poignantly expressed...a sad situation captured in your versing.