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    The pram in the hall
    Corralled bone
    Anchor stone
    How many
    A laureate
    Has been
    Sunk by that?

    "Dost Thou?"
    The question asked,
    Affirmed response "I do!"
    Thus she takes all household
    Tasks. He feels it is her due.

    Oh sadder man and wiser now
    For rhyme will not come through
    To beer the fridge and pay the rent
    Verse can't earn a decent screw
    And divorce is kinda rough
    When maintenance is
    Syphoned off
    By the Inland Revenue

    Last edited by Johntee; 02-20-2022, 06:06 AM.

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    This made me smile we are richer for our verses but our bank accounts remain unaware of that


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      Hi P.P thanks. No reflection but having written it I wallowed in the bath and considered my dissatifaction with using the word "due" twice. When the words "Inland Revenue" bubbled up, I gave the third stanza a going over.


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        This piece originated from a book I'm re-reading called "The Diary of a Somebody" by Brian Bilston, the persona of a Banksy style Twitter Guerrilla Poet when he used the word "dost." The second stanza was built around its use in weddings past, the first stanza was a stream of consciousness orphan that has sat at the end of the Notes while other pieces have swanned out the door, and stanza number 3 was written as a corrective
        ​​​​​to Archaic Attitudes.


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          Johntee That's what I call "creative versing". Way to go!