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Blood of the boatman (jimmy hill)

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  • Blood of the boatman (jimmy hill)

    blood of the boatman (jimmy hill)

    i was a devilish boatman
    kicking overboard the soup can
    stalked between the cattails
    never sought the big whales
    my mistress tadpole, i have drowned
    funeral home laid above ground
    perfume dreams of the open sea
    shallow water is where you’ll burry me
    a pole to push, release the murk
    snag to cause a sudden jerk
    so i wade in endless marsh
    past is fact, future harsh
    a spirit grant to quell the fight
    songs to fill the silent night
    years on water, my olnly roads
    overturned, my chest explodes
    inland river flowing slow
    i did not choose to stay or go
    wish to pledge in my final breath
    seed be planted after death
    daughter, son, widowed wife
    i’ve now gone under, go live your life

    my x wife’s father was an air boat pilot
    in the florida everglades in the 1970-80s
    doing tours and entertaining
    his boat flipped over during an event
    he drowned leaving his wife sharon
    and two young children, nicole and james jr.
    widowed and fatherless
    he was more than half cherokee
    and i am proud that he is part of my childrens heritage
    as i am part mohican
    the waters of the people that are never still
    i married nicole in 1995 and have two beautiful grown chidren
    reed and kieran
    james jr. Comitted suicide in 2007 leaving five children
    this is dedicated to all that have the blood of the boatman

    the second

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    I enjoyed reading this TS - it was emotive. Then when I read your inspiration, it evoked much sadness - my great grandmother was Comanche - life can be so beautiful and heartbreaking. Thank you for sharing.


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      The second Soulful, poignant, beautiful tribute. Thank you so much for sharing - your story, your history, your truth.