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  • Ukraine Haiku

    The world’s gone insane!
    Conflagrations everywhere
    Burrow deep - Stay Safe

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    Scary isn’t it.


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      There was a time when as well as the magazine, M.A.D. meant Mutually Assured Destruction, there was a time when Kissinger sought to feed the North Vietnamese the line that Nixon was unbalanced enough to press the Red Button, there was a time when the Russians were driven out of Afghanistan. What is new to learn.


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        JT, in my childhood I devoured MAD Magazine and was enamoured with Alfred E. Neuman's, What Me Worry? Now that the world is truly insane and a polymorphous perversity, I believe we should all hunker down; limit our interactions to close friends and relatives - those we love - and spend our time writing poems, and engaging in other activities that we find salutary. Given the mess we have made of the planet, scientists now give the human species only about 300 more years to endure. The time to get it right unfortunately is long past; but no one wants to publicly acknowledge this truth.

        In the early 1960's, I lived for over a year in Kabul, Afghanistan when it was a beautiful country; before the Russians invaded and we mightily funded the insurgents led by Osama bin Laden, and before the Taliban and their destruction of the 2 Buddha's in Bamiyan valley, and the horrific suffering and injustices being perpetuated by them today. I think Afghanistan, as well as the World as we would like it to be, are beyond saving. My only solace is that neither I, nor my children or grandchildren will experience the worst that is yet to come. Enough of Tanner's Rant!
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          In the day's of "The Bomb" the cockroach was the preferred survivor. Still, with or without us, the earth will find its level, and some sort of life will go on.


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            Truly horrible things happening...caught in headlines or passed over...I'd not heard that prediction, Tanner...sobering.