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  • Bully

    Hey you
    Yes I'm calling you
    What the fuck are you doing
    With yourself?
    Stop trying to make a fool
    Of yourself
    Stop imagining that you're someone
    That you failed to be
    You only do this 'cause you hate yourself

    Look into my angry eyes
    Listen to my hate
    This is not out of malice
    But if you don't heed my warning
    Something darker will grow
    Don't try to ignore me
    Don't try to make another move
    I am here only just for you to realise
    That this sort of juvenile behaviour
    Only attracts the wrong crowd
    And if you don't change your ways now
    Well, you'll soon pray for your life

    Confront, admonish
    Shout, scold and punish
    You're my victim when I speak
    No time for the dumb and weak

    You prance around like an idiot
    And harass the girls
    And you sometimes lick the walls
    What sort of human being would ever
    Lower themselves to this?
    Is this for attention, or are you just bored?
    I don't care for what you've got to say
    Weasel words fail to justify
    If me alone isn't enough to talk you out
    From this immature state you're perpetually lost in
    I'll get my mates to back me up
    And hopefully this will mean something
    For you to grow up, and stop this shit
    But at the very same time
    We'll take you down

    Bullies are bad, but there are the minority that only try to make a person realise their wrongdoing and talk them out of it, even if being harsh to them is required.
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