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    Stepping out for
    Four litres of milk
    And a cottage loaf,
    In a wind that would
    Cut your face right off
    Seeing him at No. Seven
    Sponge in ungloved hand
    Take a bucketed plunge
    To purge the grime
    From a Mercedes
    Four by Four
    The very sight
    Brings a cringe
    Of North Pole chill
    And I'm forced to ask
    Where the Marigolds are.
    Last edited by Johntee; 02-18-2022, 08:52 AM.

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    Around the corner, dear friend...the Marigolds are only biding their time. Stay as cozy as you can!

    Beautiful shaping, BTW. This piece appears as heartily appealing as it reads! Fine work, indeed.


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      I remember the cold winters up north. Your writing reminded me of those days.


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        Hi Alex and RLW. In the UK and Ireland, as well as flowers Marigolds are household rubber gloves that are used in washing dishes and other less salubrious activities, and as for the chill it's not really at all cold by U.S standards it's just that age and cold make unhappy bedfellows.


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          Well, I learned something new with this response. I have only known Marigolds as a reliable, small yellow/orange flower that self-seeds around our parts. Lovely the slant that new knowledge brings!


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            John being from the UK I knew about the Marigolds. It does make an excellent last line


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              In a wind that would / cut your face right off - JT, I particularly love these 2 lines.