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The Last Judgment (for RLW)

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  • The Last Judgment (for RLW)

    The traveler rests
    By river will fish leap soon
    Or should he walk on

    Water bug zig-zags
    The dark spider bides its time
    Last judgment is now

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    You know I've never mastered the haiku, Michael...but you clearly have! I get the count, but the essence of the form escapes me...same with the tanka and senryu.

    Let me try anyway...

    Budding tulip tips
    Sun on shoulder sets its heel
    Drink the joy of now

    It's a joy to know you're still at the poetry pen and found your way back to the Zone!


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      RLW, I've been underground for the last few years in my lair, burrowed down under brambles and brush, in an old rabbit habitat. However, I don't like what I see above ground these days.
      Poetry may not be the best defence to insure survival.