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The last jupiter of your last august

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  • The last jupiter of your last august

    the last jupiter of your last august

    here comes jupiter
    there goes the stars
    here comes my baby girl
    there goes who we are
    up in the hills
    beneathe the wanining trees
    nobody feels you up
    its always please, please, please
    who dare are you
    that changes the pace
    are you the founder of the final human race
    come out and show yourself
    come out, be who you are
    come out, face the pack
    pound out everything you want to be

    i super coated
    licking your wounds
    that part didn’t suite you
    now we’re all doomed
    sway now, feel the moment
    take it all in
    you are a vessle
    where do you run here
    how do you hide
    some kind of answer
    when you loose your pride
    she was a sweet thing
    a light in the void
    almost the sweetest thing
    but now your annoyed
    with your little toy

    wood in the back
    door in front
    daughter we can’t carry on
    son, there is our jupiter
    in the telescope of the fathers eyes

    now i show you my greatest prize

    the second