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God's Mistake

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  • God's Mistake

    We were once created to be
    The greatest beings on Earth
    To serve our country, make world peace
    And to protect if there's any worth

    Instead we go off-course
    Not listen to a word that's said
    Distracted by heinous desires
    Means a bullet through the head

    We were once meant to be
    The grand forces of intellect
    To build and to fortify
    With all of our self-respect

    Instead we do our own thing
    Not read of what was carved in stone
    The thoughts of hate and lust
    The greatest one to be dethroned

    We have failed to become
    What our god wanted us to be
    Under the grey skies of anguish
    No light will ever be seen
    In this cold, dark century

    We have sinned
    We have lied
    And we're not afraid to die

    Punish us
    Destroy us all
    We are not afraid to fall

    We have all sinned
    We have all lied
    And we will all perish tonight
    We are all a mistake of God

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    Nice one


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      One of the better ones I've seen lately Glad to see you post


      • Bry89
        Bry89 commented
        Editing a comment
        Cheers, although I actually wrote this five years ago ;P

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      Bry89, What an amazing write!


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        Bry89 This wields an epic feel of days gone by.

        If I'd not heard the songs of Saints and wandered long with hope of more...I might concur...but as it is I lift my head and try again.