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  • I Hate Cats

    the cat is on my lap
    she wants to take a nap
    purring to my petting
    this is very upsetting

    my coat zipper is attacked
    i have no time to react
    my threats are ignored
    she walks on my keyboard

    i getup and leave the room
    for a treat for her to consume
    i hate cats and tell her so
    as i pet her oh so slow

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    This is very accurate. I tell my cat every day I'm going to kill him and then tell him if anything happens to him I will be devastated.


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      As a cat lover, I find this disheartening 😩

      Fortunately though, my cat hasn't walked over my keyboard but did attempt to climb up the curtains 🤬


      • Clif
        Clif commented
        Editing a comment
        This was not my cat, but for some reason she took to me. She would run in front of me and get in my chair. She never did this to its owner. She never climbed on his keyboard, never play bit him. Came to me to let her out. Followed me around. Jumped into my lap... She ignored me when I told her I hate cats. What can you do?

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      Cats are a lot like babies. They need a lot of attention and affection from their owner. Cats need a lot of attention and affection from their owner, so you must be careful. They are the most independent pet you could have, but they still require plenty of love and affection from their owner. Cats can be extremely playful and energetic, but energy needs and exercise come with that. I can also recommend reading about when a cat is too affectionate, the reasons behind it, and what to do. It's a great article, and you will find many interesting details there.


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        Nice poem. 😁