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  • To a Recent Asteroid

    A really big-ass asteroid
    whizzed by us pretty close
    came within a million miles
    of turning us to toast

    Journey of one million miles
    Can't get there by car
    But if you count by astro-miles
    That ain't so very far.

    Two-thirds of a mile in size
    was that big hunk of rock
    enough to turn old New York City
    Into a parking lot

    So let us all be very glad
    It's sailed on out in space
    And if the damn thing finally hits
    it's in some other place

    But there're much bigger rocks out there
    Mere thought gives me the jitters
    If one of them slams in to us
    We'll all be crispy critters.

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    You combined fears many people have with humor - enjoyed this - welcome to the zone.