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Even if it’s not me

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  • Even if it’s not me

    Even If It’s Not Me

    Baby can’t you see how much I love you
    And want you to be with me
    I think of all the ways just how happy
    You and I would always be
    (Love you deeply)
    (So completely)

    I want to love you every day and show
    you how much in every way
    Together We’ll work hard and Play all day
    Your heart I’ll never betray
    (Don’t go, Please stay)
    (I’ll never stray)
    (Love makes the way)

    We’ll spend our time making love and drinking wine
    made from our own grapevine
    I’ll be only yours, you’ll be only mine
    Our love we’ll grow and define
    (Our love will shine)
    (We have the time)
    (Please be all mine)
    (Our whole lifetime )

    But if, if there should ever come a day
    When you don’t love me and you
    go away ,
    Please remember I want you to be happy
    even if
    (It’s not me)
    (You want to be)
    (With eternally)
    (Even if it’s not me)
    (Even if it’s not with me)

    By AlexandratheLate (R)